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As of tomorrow morning, our competition season official begins. This is for marching band, FYI.
Alright, so all day Saturday is a Bands Of America competition, where bands from all over the region (in this case, KY, MO, IL, IN, and NC) compete against each other. It's our first show of the year, and for it to be a show as big as this... it's a bit nerve-wracking. I just hope the freshmen and sophomores don't freeze up when they see the sheer size of the stadium and the crowd. The Louisville Cardinals stadium in Kentucky is where we're performing. And it'll be a huge crowd to see us this time, as opposed to my freshman year, when we were the first band to perform (7:35 in the morning) and no one but the judges and band parents were there to see us.
Tomorrow we leave for Kentucky after second period. A dream, because I get to miss AP Calculus. :D
All that's left now is for me and my brother to pick up my best friend, lug all of our junk into my compact car, somehow get it to the band room (in one trip, with my brother having a broken arm), and then go to class. So much stuff to work out.

Anyway, just pray for our trip to KY that we might be kept safe. And also for me, because I find I don't glorify God as often (if any time) as I should. So yeah... Thanks!