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Update and a horrible semester

Just an update, since I haven't blogged in a while. Basically, it's been a rough second quarter of first semester in school.
1. Got the flu starting December 1
2. Developed pneumonia (lower lobal, left lung) as a complication
3. Taken a heck of a lot of medicine and antibacterial stuff-- including several injections
4. Broke out in hives as an allergic reaction to penicillin
5. Missed five total days of school, two periods extra for a doctor's appointment

All in all, this has been a great way to start December. And by great, I'm being sarcastic. Bleh.


Major Problemo

On a popular, national news network there was this quiz in the "faith matters" section entitled "Are you a saint or a sinner? How well do you know the Ten Commandments?"
Yeah, problem number 1: it's not accurate. Everyone's a sinner, bottom line. Romans 3:23 says, in fact, "for ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Everyone does bad stuff, everyone's born a sinner, even Christians.
Problem number 2: apparently if you answer every question with the second choice, it'll say you're a "holy roller: no divine intervention needed" or something like that. Everyone needs God. Only Jesus can save you. I can't think of a verse now, but I know for a fact everyone needs salvation. It's all or nothing, no middle ground.

You're either for God or against Him. It's your choice.

So anyway, that's my shphiel (however you spell it). Good night, all. God bless.

Identity Lost

How does it feel to lose something
You've had for your entire life? 
How does it feel to advance up
And then find out
You're an absolute failure? 
How do you think it feels
To look at that piece of paper
And realize your identity
Has been lost? 

Writer's Block: Super-human

If you could choose one super-power, what would it be and why?

Ability to fly, 'cuz then I wouldn't be so darn scared of heights! Plus, it would reduce travel time :D

A little depressed

My best friend was asked out today by some guy in our math class. I didn't know he was in our grade. And now I'm jealous of my best friend. She's so much prettier and smarter than me, and I feel overlooked and walked all over. I don't blame her, I'm mad at myself for this stupid reaction. I'm glad for her. She gets all the dates because she's friends with a few guys. I personally think guys are stupid and immature. But whatever. No offense to guys, I'm just saying I've had my heart sort of broken once.
But yeah, everyone seems to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I feel like I'm the only single person out there.
Like today, with the boyfriend drama with my best friend, I felt overlooked. I mean, it happened with NHS inductions a few weeks ago. I felt like I was more than qualified for NHS, and my inflated pride burst when they called the names of people who made it, and I wasn't one, even though a not-so-smart person (God forgive me!) made it. So I felt overlooked then. And I feel overlooked now. My friends have boyfriends and I feel like I'm overlooked since I hang out with my friends all the time, but I'm the only one without a boyfriend. I'm just having a struggle, and I'm talking with God about it.
I'm just glad He's always there to talk to. He's the ONLY one I've talked to about it. I don't talk to my parents about this situation (awkward!), and since my best friend is the source of this situation... I don't want anyone else involved, especially if it causes me to spread rumors. Bad experiences with rumors; I almost lost one of my best friends.

So anyway, had to get that out.


Must.... Get.... To.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So. Computer is the issue again, but it's mainly friction between me and my brother's personalities. In other words, we're grounded. From TV, Netflix movies, computer (FACEBOOK), playstation... that sounds like a lot.
We're grounded for fighting and being hypocrites. But whatever. I spend too much time on here anyway.
Just a lot of stuff on my mind.

My neighbor moving in two days (he told us only yesterday)

A newbie freshman flute player (another guy) who takes everything literally. I mean, he hates being called out all the time, and I understand that. I would hate that too. It's just that he's the weakest link, and we need to make him stronger so that we can beast. This is marching band, BTW. It's for his own good. But yeah, he asked me if everyone hated him. I said no. Ugh, I'm just tired of having to see him hurt like that, when everyone's calling him out for what he did wrong. But he's inexperienced, and he needs correction. VEH!

Calculus. Need I say more? Actually, yes. I'm doing badly in that class, and I know it. But instead of studying my butt off for it, like I should be doing now instead of this, I don't have any incentive to study. I know I'll do badly anyway, so I don't study. I know the answer is simple (STUDY!), but I can't bring myself to do it.

Procrastination. There's so much I'd rather be doing than homework. I've put off doing everything until tomorrow night, the night before everything is due. I need to not procrastinate. I have a Calculus test on Friday that I need to study for!

Going on the computer late at night. As in midnight. And then waking up around 5:15 every morning. Actually, I turn both my early morning alarms off to wake up at 6.

Anyway, goodnight, all. VEH! It's midnight. No homework done tonight. FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER TOMORROW! Goodbye, September.


As of tomorrow morning, our competition season official begins. This is for marching band, FYI.
Alright, so all day Saturday is a Bands Of America competition, where bands from all over the region (in this case, KY, MO, IL, IN, and NC) compete against each other. It's our first show of the year, and for it to be a show as big as this... it's a bit nerve-wracking. I just hope the freshmen and sophomores don't freeze up when they see the sheer size of the stadium and the crowd. The Louisville Cardinals stadium in Kentucky is where we're performing. And it'll be a huge crowd to see us this time, as opposed to my freshman year, when we were the first band to perform (7:35 in the morning) and no one but the judges and band parents were there to see us.
Tomorrow we leave for Kentucky after second period. A dream, because I get to miss AP Calculus. :D
All that's left now is for me and my brother to pick up my best friend, lug all of our junk into my compact car, somehow get it to the band room (in one trip, with my brother having a broken arm), and then go to class. So much stuff to work out.

Anyway, just pray for our trip to KY that we might be kept safe. And also for me, because I find I don't glorify God as often (if any time) as I should. So yeah... Thanks!

Broken bones and stuff... wohoo

So my brother broke his arm yesterday. Playing football. Not tackle football, just tossing it around. Someone (he shall remain nameless) came up from behind and tried to hit the ball out of my brother's hand, and it ended up splitting my brother's humerous in two. Pretty gross.
I was playing some All-District solo with two of my friends in the band room when my bro comes in squealling (no lie). He's with a bunch of freshies, so I was thinking he was laughing about something. It was almost time to get ready for afternoon practice, so I thought nothing of it. Until I saw him leaning to one side and clutching his right arm. The freshies go up to the uniform lady, and she sits my bro down in our band director's office on the couch. So I go over and ask what happened, and then the band director comes out looking for me. He said I needed to call my parents, so I called my dad. Apparently my bro had a broken bone, and they needed to call the EMS. So a fire truck and ambulance came to the school, and then my dad came after them.
Basically, the EMTs gave my brother a lot of morphine, but that still didn't help. I learned at the hospital they gave him 14mg of morphine, which didn't work, so they gave him fenanyl (I think) and something else. Dang, it's really hard not to sob your eyes out when your little brother is in so much pain. Yeah... so after I went back outside for practice (I missed half an hour), a few people asked me what happened. The guy who broke my bro's arm felt awful (what kind of person wouldn't??). After convincing him that my brother was OK, he forgave him, and my parents knew the whole thing was an accident did that person finally talk/look at me.

So yeah, my brother is in a sling/brace thing, and he won't be back at school until next week. And then he won't be able to march. Figures, a few broken bones by the time the first competition rolls around.

Hitch Resolved and Other Problems

So I "dumbed down" from AP English III to Honors English III. It's a complete different universe down in honors English, one being the fact it is incredibly easy. We've only had one or two quizzes, and we watched a Disney movie-- Pocahontas-- for "research purposes." Apparently we're supposed to write a memo to Disney explaining why we think the movie should or shouldn't have been released.
Now I just have a blank 4th period next semester. Oh, well.

So Calculus is a bit tougher than I thought. The first (and only) quiz we've taken, I scored a 69. Ew. Apparently I get my left and right confused. No surprise there. But still, I thought I knew it all. Nope.

Schedule Hitch

The schedules are really messed up at my school this year. With 200+ more students from neighboring high schools (stupid redistricting), there's not a lot of classes that are open. Most are full by now.
Lucky me, my schedule is one of the "special" cases that requires one-on-one with the Dean of Students herself. Special priviledge :) 
So anyway, I emailed her about my decision to drop an AP class because of my messed up schedule. It was that or drop an AP Calc BC class or both of my band classes. Didn't want to do that.
So anyway, I'm just waiting on my new schedule. Yeah. First day of school was awful by the way, thanks for asking. Mainly the fact I was in a class I wasn't going to be taking at all this year. Too much paper work, and the fact we had a quiz first day of school.
Calculus is something that should never have been invented. Too many things to know. We have TWO textbooks for homework, and we have a page from each. Wow, I don't know how I would've gotten through without that AP PowerPack thing from Barnes and Noble. Index Cards, sparknotes cheat sheet of all the information, etc.

Yeah, time for early let out tomorrow. Our county school system is totally messed up.