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Schedule Hitch

The schedules are really messed up at my school this year. With 200+ more students from neighboring high schools (stupid redistricting), there's not a lot of classes that are open. Most are full by now.
Lucky me, my schedule is one of the "special" cases that requires one-on-one with the Dean of Students herself. Special priviledge :) 
So anyway, I emailed her about my decision to drop an AP class because of my messed up schedule. It was that or drop an AP Calc BC class or both of my band classes. Didn't want to do that.
So anyway, I'm just waiting on my new schedule. Yeah. First day of school was awful by the way, thanks for asking. Mainly the fact I was in a class I wasn't going to be taking at all this year. Too much paper work, and the fact we had a quiz first day of school.
Calculus is something that should never have been invented. Too many things to know. We have TWO textbooks for homework, and we have a page from each. Wow, I don't know how I would've gotten through without that AP PowerPack thing from Barnes and Noble. Index Cards, sparknotes cheat sheet of all the information, etc.

Yeah, time for early let out tomorrow. Our county school system is totally messed up.