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Broken bones and stuff... wohoo

So my brother broke his arm yesterday. Playing football. Not tackle football, just tossing it around. Someone (he shall remain nameless) came up from behind and tried to hit the ball out of my brother's hand, and it ended up splitting my brother's humerous in two. Pretty gross.
I was playing some All-District solo with two of my friends in the band room when my bro comes in squealling (no lie). He's with a bunch of freshies, so I was thinking he was laughing about something. It was almost time to get ready for afternoon practice, so I thought nothing of it. Until I saw him leaning to one side and clutching his right arm. The freshies go up to the uniform lady, and she sits my bro down in our band director's office on the couch. So I go over and ask what happened, and then the band director comes out looking for me. He said I needed to call my parents, so I called my dad. Apparently my bro had a broken bone, and they needed to call the EMS. So a fire truck and ambulance came to the school, and then my dad came after them.
Basically, the EMTs gave my brother a lot of morphine, but that still didn't help. I learned at the hospital they gave him 14mg of morphine, which didn't work, so they gave him fenanyl (I think) and something else. Dang, it's really hard not to sob your eyes out when your little brother is in so much pain. Yeah... so after I went back outside for practice (I missed half an hour), a few people asked me what happened. The guy who broke my bro's arm felt awful (what kind of person wouldn't??). After convincing him that my brother was OK, he forgave him, and my parents knew the whole thing was an accident did that person finally talk/look at me.

So yeah, my brother is in a sling/brace thing, and he won't be back at school until next week. And then he won't be able to march. Figures, a few broken bones by the time the first competition rolls around.