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Must.... Get.... To.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So. Computer is the issue again, but it's mainly friction between me and my brother's personalities. In other words, we're grounded. From TV, Netflix movies, computer (FACEBOOK), playstation... that sounds like a lot.
We're grounded for fighting and being hypocrites. But whatever. I spend too much time on here anyway.
Just a lot of stuff on my mind.

My neighbor moving in two days (he told us only yesterday)

A newbie freshman flute player (another guy) who takes everything literally. I mean, he hates being called out all the time, and I understand that. I would hate that too. It's just that he's the weakest link, and we need to make him stronger so that we can beast. This is marching band, BTW. It's for his own good. But yeah, he asked me if everyone hated him. I said no. Ugh, I'm just tired of having to see him hurt like that, when everyone's calling him out for what he did wrong. But he's inexperienced, and he needs correction. VEH!

Calculus. Need I say more? Actually, yes. I'm doing badly in that class, and I know it. But instead of studying my butt off for it, like I should be doing now instead of this, I don't have any incentive to study. I know I'll do badly anyway, so I don't study. I know the answer is simple (STUDY!), but I can't bring myself to do it.

Procrastination. There's so much I'd rather be doing than homework. I've put off doing everything until tomorrow night, the night before everything is due. I need to not procrastinate. I have a Calculus test on Friday that I need to study for!

Going on the computer late at night. As in midnight. And then waking up around 5:15 every morning. Actually, I turn both my early morning alarms off to wake up at 6.

Anyway, goodnight, all. VEH! It's midnight. No homework done tonight. FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER TOMORROW! Goodbye, September.