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Major Problemo

On a popular, national news network there was this quiz in the "faith matters" section entitled "Are you a saint or a sinner? How well do you know the Ten Commandments?"
Yeah, problem number 1: it's not accurate. Everyone's a sinner, bottom line. Romans 3:23 says, in fact, "for ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Everyone does bad stuff, everyone's born a sinner, even Christians.
Problem number 2: apparently if you answer every question with the second choice, it'll say you're a "holy roller: no divine intervention needed" or something like that. Everyone needs God. Only Jesus can save you. I can't think of a verse now, but I know for a fact everyone needs salvation. It's all or nothing, no middle ground.

You're either for God or against Him. It's your choice.

So anyway, that's my shphiel (however you spell it). Good night, all. God bless.